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A book written by Alan Bowman after years of being involved through his mentor John Hayward in raising money for Sunshine Coaches.  The man who coined the phrase "Miles of Smiles" that appears on every Sunshine Coach door.

A true believer in TEAMWORK, Treat Everyone As Myself Willingly Openly Recycling Knowledge. 

The man who predicted the Credit Crunch and the fall of XL Airlines yet was not listened to, as they say you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

The man who believes in the 8 tenents of good lending and yet again these were totally ignored by the short term pot of gold hunters and to hell with the investors and customers. Gordon Gecko has a lot to answer for and so has the pratt who said "LUNCH IS FOR WIMPS".

PARTS, Purpose, Amount, Repayment, Terms, Security and the 3 C's Character, Capacity and Capital.

The man who believes all drugs should be legalised and has 40 years experience to call on as to why this should be so yet has never taken a drug in his life but has been published on the subject and that is still being ignored yet will prove right in the future. 

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Aspirational Attainment by Alan Bowman

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